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canonpoint: defaults to approximately canon-current (so right now post-s4); can adjust.
favorite threads: sweet awkward flirtation and romance, very specific kinds of kinky sex etc., elaborate AUs, teamwork and friendship.
nos: kinks on the below no list, extreme violence/torture/death, dub/non-con (not just sex), exclusively negative CR, unexamined bigotry, unexamined bad romance, alignment switch/Hydra AUs, threading romance with Fitz (or honestly threading anything with Fitz post-4.08).

age: defaults to late twenties.
shipping: permissions/kinks here. Quite female-leaning bisexual, sub, open to smut; favors Daisy, Bobbi, and Trip for canon ships.
cultural background: white British, not at all religious.
demeanor: enthusiastic, nervy, tender-hearted, painfully loyal, self-deprecating to the point of it causing harm.
mental health: autism, anxiety, mild OCD, PTSD, survivor's guilt.
physical health: petite, prone to self-stimulating behavior, fight-or-flight driven, not overly strong.
aesthetic: alt-prep with a side of hopefully-badass businesswoman.

bb journal

Mar. 29th, 2016 01:03 am
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Just a heads-up, if anyone is interested: Jemma's (pre-)adolescent self can now be found at [personal profile] scoliotic for all of your aged-down adventures.
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Short version:
  • Kinsey 4.5 (lady-learning bisexual).
  • Kinky/subby as fuck (yes to bondage and being dominated, shaky maybe to S&M).
  • As shipping goes: yes to Daisy, yes to Bobbi, probably to the other women of the MCU, probably to Trip, there's a chance so if you have an idea let's talk about other MCU boys, honestly see below it's complicated about Fitz, and get all the Nazis away from her, like, yesterday.

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